Real Time Sales Updates

TellMySale mobile app sends you real-time updates from your sales reps in the field.

Key Features

GPS Tracking

Starting their day from the field with GPS tracking to submitting orders, pictures and notes. TellMySale allows your field force to spend more time on the field – where they’re more productive.

Online Purchase Order

Sales reps can book online orders from the app. All bookings get updated on the central server.

Assignments and Reminders

App lets you set reminders for meetings and action items. Also your reporting manager can assign tasks to you.

Notes and History

View all meeting notes and order history.

Sales Funnel

View your sales revenue pipeline for the quarter.

Product Catalog

Sales reps can now carry online up-to-date product catalog with real time inventory updates.


View list and details of all existing and prospective clients with contact information.

View The Routes

TellMySale lets you view you the exact routes covered by your salesforce during the course of the day, to ensure optimum geographical distribution of resources and you can check out the route-map for any past date too.

Sales Dashboard

Managers can have all the fun now. They can track sales numbers, order bookings, notes, meetings, reminders of there team members from one central location. Dashboard allows you to review top selling products, top selling cities, top sales reps, and all this is updated real time. Managers can compare revenue numbers across sales teams or regions. They can also compare sales numbers across different team members. Managers can analysis sales data from the past numbers and predict patters and projects in the coming months or quarters. Sales dashboard is just the tool that every sales manager needs to run a super efficient sales team.

  • Analyze sales data by product, category or clients
  • Review performance and analytics of team members
  • Review top selling products and locations.
  • Forecast revenue projects with confidence.


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